5 Tips to Tap into the Global Real Estate Market 

1. Recons ider your brokerage: It’s a hassle to change brokers, but if you are stunting your growth, it’s time to take a look at your production and goals and then interview brokers for a better fit. 

Example: A Spanish speaking agent recently left a brokerage where everyone was bilingual from staff to the broker himself and joined a brokerage where he is the only agent who speaks Spanish. He received 28 referrals in the first month and a half! 

Perhaps you do not speak another language, maybe it’s time for you to bring on an assistant or a buyer’s agent or a partner who does. Invariably, you will attract clients who prefer to work with an agent who understands the language they are most comfortable speaking and thinking in. 

2. Enhance your brokerage: If you are happy where you are, you may not want to change brokers, you may want to simply initiate change within your brokerage. Bring ideas to your broker on how to attract more global business. Start a global division or global team. Be the voice within your company on how to serve international clients. Your fellow agents will look to you for advice; inevitably, they will defer business to you. 

3. Take a Vacation: Pre-plan your vacation this year and go abroad. Choose vacation destinations that have direct flights or easy access to your market. Often, global investors are looking for a market that has reasonable proximity to theirs. While there, carve out time to explore the real estate market and make business contacts. You can write off expenses from your trip and expand your broker to broker network. Learn about their market, educate them on yours and how referrals can benefit them. 

Example: A successful agent sold her home, put her belongings in storage and travelled across Europe with her husband for over a year while continuing to generate business and most months, performed in the top 20 out of several hundred agents. She had an agent designated to handle the day to day details of her business while she was abroad, but she was still the “straw that stirred the drink.” Eventually, she generated business from the contacts she made along her travels and continues to reap the rewards of her sabbatical. 

You do not have to go on an extended vacation to take advantage of travel opportunities. A simple long weekend can generate results if you are intentional about making business contacts wherever you go and then proactively cultivating those relationships long-term. 

4. Buy property abroad yourself. If you’re going to promote another market, learn it, know it, experience it, invest in it. You will have a heightened sensitivity to the needs of your clients and you can speak from experience. You will have far more sway with your prospects as they will know you are confident enough in that market to invest in it yourself. 

5. Travel Virtually: Design and deliver a video series and/or blog series on the how and why to buy real estate in your market. Educate buyers who are looking on the internet. Include current market updates, properties to consider, full costs of buying, owning and disposing of properties in your marketplace. Foreigners tend to have more conservative expectations for their investments so be realistic on trends and current rates of return. Never promise future gain, only share real market data on current and historic returns. It’s the security of the asset and long term gain that will most likely be of importance; however, don’t assume their investment model. Some investors actually need to “lose money” and have a negative gearing strategy that will ultimately give them a long term gain. Create an assortment of short videos covering the most commonly asked questions and then provide examples and insights. Keep videos basic and brief so they are easy to follow and digest. You may want to deliver the content in other languages, include subtitles or have voice overs to expand your potential audience. Once you attract a potential client, get clear on their investment model and needs. 

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Have a joyful and prosperous 2015!