What’s stopping you from reaching your goals? Do you feel terrified, uncomfortable, and unsure?

Is it possible the one thing stopping you from achieving your goals of starting your own business, applying for a new job and starting that new relationship you might want, is YOU? Yes, there may be other obstacles between you and the goal you are trying to accomplish, but to even start dealing with them, you need to first get past yourself.

The good news is, by working on the 4 steps below, you can allow yourself the opportunity to accomplish your goals:

1. Believe in Yourself

See yourself through the eyes of the person who loves you the most. If only we could see ourselves the way others who see us in a positive way do. Your boss at work, who thinks you are so professional. Your child, who sees you as a role model. Your best friend, who sees you as the confident and strong one. Talk to those people in your life who you cherish the most and notice how they see you. Then try to see yourself in the same light.

2. Do the uncomfortable

When was the last time you did something that made your heart race? Something that got you excited? It could be something as simple as volunteering, going hiking or even calling that friend you haven’t talked to in forever. Responsibilities and life sometimes make us lose sight of what is out there in the world. Choose one small thing that gets you excited and try it. This will help prepare you for the heart racing that may occur when you reach for that first goal you want to accomplish. That feeling of being alive and living.

3. Praise yourself

Look in the mirror when you are alone and tell yourself you are amazing. Think again of what the people who love you most would positively say, and say it out loud. It won’t be easy at first and you might even feel silly. How many times do you tell your child, coworker or significant other how wonderful they are? You must believe in yourself to get past your own insecurities. This may be difficult at first, but it will eventually get easier, and you will start to believe it.

4. Know what you want

Many times, someone will say they are unhappy but when asked what would make them happy, they have no answer. Get a piece a paper and think about what you might want–with no limits, no boundaries and no financial restraints. Make a list of what you really desire, and focus on one category on each list. For example: a list of jobs you would love to have, a list of things you want to learn or the kind of relationship you would like. Once you complete the list, take a look at it and ask yourself. “Are the constraints I put on it really keeping me from having what I want, or is it me?”

Truly, at the end of the day, what makes you different than anyone else who has worked hard to have everything they want? What makes them special enough to reach their goals and not you? NOTHING! Remember, the only thing standing in your way of reaching your goals is YOU.