According to the NAR, more than 90% of home buyers start their search online which seems like an ideal space for Virtual Reality. Unfortunately, less than 1% of listing agents use VR as a marketing tool and very few agents understand the technology. I decided to bring you this article to answer some questions about Virtual Reality and how it is created.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a computer-simulated reality that replicates a real world environment in a way that simulates physical presence in a place when you are not actually there.

How Do You Create Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is created by capturing special images with a camera and converting them into a 3D space where you can simulate movement using a headset or hand held device.

How Do You View Virtual Reality?

The most immersive VR experience comes from the stereoscopic 3D view which Google introduced to the main stream in 2010 via the Google Street View. I n order to experience this view, you will need a head set or some Goggles. You can also experience a realistic VR experience using your ipad and the Gyroscope button that is found on most mobile device viewers.

How Can I Capture Virtual Reality?

If you want to capture VR, you can purchase a consumer device that shoots spherical photos. As of this article, the best consumer device remains the Ricoh Theta S which is available for $349. An army of 360 cameras is headed for the market from various manufacturers, but the Nikon Key Mission 360 which is expected to be about $500 is hailed as the incoming game changer.

How Can I Publish Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality can be published in many ways including the Google Photosphere app from Street View and the Ricoh Theta app that comes with the camera. If you want to publish multiple scenes and create a complete property tour, you will need publishing software like PanoTour Pro and a web hosting account.

Are There Any Service Providers Who Capture Virtual Reality?

Very few photographers offer a complete package for creation of VR, but that should change in the near future. Some companies offer the Matterport 3D models, but this is not Virtual Reality and can not be viewed using a headset.

What Is The Future of Virtual Reality?

The consumers continue to drive change with their desire for instant access to everything through their smart phone and tablets. As VR evolves, the quality of 360 cameras improves, and publishing becomes as easy as sending an email, Virtual Reality is about to be everywhere.

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