Your state association continues to be very active in the defeat of the Margin Tax question 3 on November’s ballot. Our team has been out in the community talking to real estate companies and explaining the negative impact that this issue could have on the financial stability of the real estate profession in general. We support having an excellent school system, but this initiative does not accomplish that and is greatly flawed and unfair. Should this bill pass, the legislature cannot touch it or change it for 3 years. This initiative will have a great negative financial impact on many real estate companies and also to the agents. Please call the association and ask for a presentation if you are not familiar with the initiative.

We have also been working on making sure that the National Association of Realtors core standards are being met by all local associations. Certain value added items must be presented by the local associations, or given to them by the state association. Many small associations across the country will have to merge with other nearby associations to accomplish these core standards for their members. I am pleased to report that Nevada is in line with all of the requirements.

On these off legislative years, your state association looks at the issues at the local level and strategizes on what we will need to do to correct or add bills that go forward to the legislature for passage. We are still in the formulation stage at this point. Many years, we only monitor bills brought forward by other entities. We are also interviewing candidates who will be on the ballot this November to see where they stand on our realtor issues. This is done both north and south in Nevada.

We will be wrapping up the year after the elections with installations of the next year’s leadership throughout the state. Each year brings new minds with fresh ideas and adds to our profession for the better.

For information on NVAR, please contact our CEO; Teresa McKee at 1-800-748-5526.