Seventeen years ago, I created my very first “Law of Attraction” program designed to teach people these principles in a practical way.

I called it “Wealth Beyond Reason,” which held a double meaning. One, it was possible to learn to attract “unreasonable” amounts of wealth. Two that you will need to “suspend reason” in many cases in order to allow this all to work.

The word “wealth” is potent, and I’m sure it was a reason for the program’s early success and growth. However, one of the first things we talked about in the program is how to define “wealth” for yourself. We de-emphasized money.

There are many reasons that I took that approach. People bring a lot of ideas about money into their work with the “Law of Attraction.” Thoughts like “money is hard to come by”, “rich people are evil”, and  “money doesn’t grow on trees” have permeated society for generations, creating belief systems that make it very hard to attract a lot of money without it feeling “hard”, or wrapped up in feelings of guilt.

From a “quantum” point of view, they are literally energetically resisting money – even though they want it –
often, desperately.

In order for us to bring anything into our lives – or attract it to use the Law of Attraction terminology – we have to be in alignment with it. And by the way, we easily align with things that we DON’T want as well. The Law of Attraction doesn’t just work on stuff you want. It’s also facilitating the presence of everything you do NOT want as well.

If you’re currently experiencing “alignment” with any kind of struggle with money, then that will continue to be your experience until you move into alignment with feelings of abundance.

Another reason we de-emphasized money is that it’s not really money that people ultimately want. In the end, it’s the FEELING they believe they will get when they acquire what they want with that money. The money is a means to an end, and it’s actually more important to know what that END is in terms of your feelings, rather than on the need, or absence, of the money to make that happen.

Because it’s the feeling that is of the utmost importance when it comes to the Law of Attraction, I urge people to focus on the feeling they would have on the other side of getting whatever money they wanted.

The Universe, if you will, is responding to the energy of our emotions. It brings us an experience of reality that is in alignment with our emotional vibrations.

As “woo woo” as that sounds, it’s precisely how energy works. And EVERYTHING is Energy.

It would be easy to “check out” of this conversation right now if you categorize this kind of thinking as “magical” or “new age.”  However, I’ve committed my whole career into taking those unnecessary associations out of it.  A person with an open mind who is willing to listen to new ideas can easily see the truth in what the law of attraction really is, and not necessarily how it’s been packaged up and presented to the masses by the personal development industry.

So I invite you to stay with me and contemplate how clear you are about what you want your relationship with money to FEEL like. If you’re currently in a state of perpetual worry about money, or experience FEELINGS of scarcity or lack, I want to make very clear to you that if you continue to hold on to those feelings and “justify” them with the evidence of your current situation, you will most likely to continue to have those experiences. You’re literally calling them in, by holding on to those feelings.

In order to change the circumstances that are causing those feelings of lack, you must first reconnect with your own personal feelings of “abundance.” 

What makes this feel more difficult, is that many of us, as humans, are wired to worry about money. We’ve given it so much significance that we equate it with our very lives, rather than one of many tools that create our life experience.

Because we are wired to worry, we must rewire ourselves so that abundance, whatever that feels like for us, can be our predominant emotion when it comes to the thought of money.

At first, it can feel daunting. Almost impossible. That is just biology doing its thing. Your brain has specific neural pathways that have developed over many years, and now you’re asking those paths to change. It’s going to feel uncomfortable. But rather than let the discomfort stop you, instead realize that it is an indication of growth and transformation and let it drive you forward.

This all begins with an honest acknowledgment with regards to your current emotional relationship with money. Not how you WISH you felt, but how you really feel. Owning the truth is an essential and empowering part of changing it.  Then, you begin to imagine how you want to feel about money. Who do you want to be when it comes to money?

These are the important questions. They can take some thought, and sometimes even some difficult choices. But when thoughts of money bring you joy rather than stress, the journey will have been worth it.