The question that tends to be asked on a national level is – are we, as real estate professionals, prepared to confidently list, sell, lend, or appraise today’s high performance homes? In order to better answer this, let us visit where we have been and where we are going; then determine if you are equipped with the knowledge to perform with excellence in your profession.

Here is an illustration of energy efficiency in homes over the past forty years in southern Nevada. 

ENERGY STAR® for New Homes was introduced in southern Nevada in 1998 with 91 homes built to this standard and the work of the Nevada ENERGY STAR® Partners – GREEN Alliance began. The quest was to promote ENERGY STAR® to consumers with the goal of improving awareness amongst homebuyers and train local homebuilders with the goal of increasing the number of homes being built to ENERGY STAR® standards. Over the past 14 years, we saw consumer awareness rise from 17%-90% and the penetration rate of ENERGY STAR® homes increase from 11%-67%. This translates to over 96,000 ENERGY STAR® homes in southern Nevada, third in the nation. 

ENERGY STAR® continued to raise the bar simultaneously to building codes, maintaining an approx. 15% higher energy efficiency. For, a history of ENERGY STAR homes, visit:

ENERGY STAR® can include a variety of energy-efficient features such as 1) effective insulation, 2) high performance windows, 3) tight construction and ducts, 4) efficient heating and cooling equipment, and 5) ENERGY STAR® qualified lighting and appliances. One benefit of high performing homes is that homeowners use less energy saving on annual utility bills costs. 

Additional benefits are comfort with consistent temperatures, better indoor air quality, durability is improved, and better grade equipment.

Another advantage of having an energy efficient home is less solar is needed to offset the energy demand of your home. Saving you energy and money!

My recommendation to all real estate professionals, whether you are a lender, appraiser, or REALTOR®, is to invest in your skills and knowledge by becoming a GREEN certified professional.

The GREEN Designation offers needed information and training for today’s REALTOR® to better serve today’s progressive client. Contact GLVAR for upcoming GREEN Designation courses and be sure to reserve your seat. You will be glad you did.

While funds are available, the GREEN Alliance provides scholarships and professional GREEN certification courses in collaboration with NV Energy, Southwest Gas, GLVAR, SNHBA, NAMP and CAN. Learn more by visiting 


Illustrations provided by:
GREEN Alliance and Better Building Performance study for US DOE Building America Retrofit Alliance