It seems in recent years, the new, hip way to talk about leadership is by adding an adjective or verb in front of the word leadership. You have got to admit it does make it seem a bit sexier. 

Let’s break it down. First, what is being transformed in this “transformational leadership?” 

Answer: Two Things. 

1 Transformation or change is being made in a situation or condition which exists and which is the focus of the leader. The change is the result of a need or a crisis. It could be with a group, company, organization or process. In any event, a change is necessary and a group of individuals work together to facilitate this change. 

2 Transformation or change is being made with the followers of the organization and they are being transformed into leaders. This is truly the sexy part of transformational leadership. The followers may not have entered the group with this expectation, but were likely attracted to the leader because of their charismatic and transformational style. 

Who Makes Great Transformational Leaders? 

Those who can inspire and motivate make great leaders in this arena. Transformational leaders are typically very charismatic so let’s look at the four qualities which make up such a leader. 

  • They are positive role models and walk the talk. They possess what is called “idealized influence.” They are credible and in the trenches with the followers. They appear to have clear vision. 
  • They deliver “inspirational motivation” to the group and they have the ability to deliver the clear vision with an emotional connection and clear articulation. This creates a synergy within the group of desire, connection and meaning. 

It is these two above qualities which make up “charisma” in a leader and which open the door for a richer relationship and a deeper connection. 

  • “Individualized consideration,” it is here that the leader utilizes their ability to connect with each follower at a deep level. The leader is able to convey that this will satisfy the follower’s personal goal. 
  • “Intellectual stimulation.” Here the leader is able to challenge the followers with intellectual stimulation and leadership opportunities within the group. 

The results for the group with a quality transformational leader are often spectacular in measure. What is even more amazing is the spiral effect of new leaders coming out of this group and leading with the same style and enthusiasm. Because they are learning based, they never take the position of “knowing it all,” which is typically the beginning of the end for the old school “leader by position.” 

For a more in-depth look into transformational leadership, Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.d is, in my opinion, one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject. Some of the above information was taken from one of many of his publications, Transformational Leadership. 

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