Bucket list is an interesting term which has been around for a couple of hundred years. It gained some notoriety in 2007 with the movie of the same name, starring Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman. The concept while relatively simple, “Things to do before you kick the bucket,” gives purpose and excitement to future dreams and “hope to do someday” potential events.

The beauty of actually having a bucket list is a version of the business technique taught to succeed at a high level by Harvard Business School, write stuff down!

Since I had a Birthday coming up, I thought I’d check something off my bucket list. I called my family and told them all that I had decided to jump out of a plane and who wanted to join? Surprisingly, they all said, “Yes, I’m in.”

This whole thing got me thinking about how other people’s bucket lists affect those around them, whether on a personal or business level.

Aren’t all business owners chasing a dream or pursuing a business plan that went from idea to the “on paper” stage and then to making it happen or realizing the dream.

It is based on this simple concept that I encourage each and every one of you to create your bucket list.
Here are the rules which must be followed to create a real bucket list!

  1. Don’t over think anything, if it’s coming to mind and you want to do it, put it on the list.
  2. There are NO limitations on what goes on the list; money, cost or location do not matter, simply add it to the list.
  3. Put a minimum of 100 things on the list (It’s hard to do but do it).
  4. It’s a bucket list, so there is no timeline
  5. You can add things to the list anytime you want
  6. Anything can go on the list; business, personal or spiritual
  7. The list should be fun!

I feel so strongly about this that I’d encourage parents and grandparents to work with their children and/or grandchildren and assist them in making a bucket list, starting from about age 10 or so. Provide the rules and then share in the excitement when they can check things off their bucket list.

The items listed on a 10-year-old’s bucket list are usually far different than the items on 20, 30 or 40-year-old’s list. It doesn’t really matter what’s on the list as long as we have a list. One of the BOLD laws about thought is “whatever you focus on, expands.” With this in mind, just having something on the list and paying some attention to it, drastically increases the likelihood that it will ever happen.

So, my closing thoughts are to go out and enjoy a big, happy crazy life, have fun and live out some dreams along the way. Life is too short. Go for the gusto…YIKES, I’m jumping out of a plane!