The GLVAR Sustainable Living (aka GREEN) committee participates in southern Nevada’s largest collaborative EARTH Day event – GREENFest. This year’s event is proudly hosted by Downtown Summerlin for its sixth annual festival. The Sustainable Living committee is a long time supporter of this event and encourages everyone to attend the festival on April 25th from 10am-5pm. The VIP Reception is on April 22nd from 5:30 – 8:30pm. For more information visit:

In honor of EARTH DAY, this spring makes a good time to cruise down the Sustainable Living Path. Hopefully, you will find at least one new habit to adopt next.

Energy conscious professionals look for approaches in reducing their energy usage and costs, while adding sources of renewable energy generation. Solar is now more affordable than ever when you lease or purchase.

Change lights to CFL or LED and turn off lights, computers, electronics as you leave your office or home.

An energy Assessment of your or client’s home provides information on how well (or not) your home’s energy performance is. The analysis will provide recommendations for improvements and cost analysis which will save energy by using your money wisely a best cost analysis. It’s truly an eye opener. Reduce. Repurpose. Recycle.

Look for ways to reduce by using reusable shopping bags, less packaging, printing, and plastic products. Repurpose by reusing paper products, donating clothing and other items to charitable organizations, reuse glass jars, and compost. Diverting waste from the landfill is the goal in mind, please be thoughtful when making your buying decisions. Can this be recycled?

Transportation – eco friendly modes of transportation include cycling, buses, walking and driving a clean energy vehicle. What is the ‘Walk- Ability’ of the next home you sell or list? visit: to learn more.

Healthy Living is an important part of being sustainable and it’s never too late to begin adding new healthy habits. Choosing healthy foods, taking nutritional supplements, exercise, sleep and lower your stress level contribute to a better and longer life. Create a balance of work and play.

Drive with sustainability top of mind. Plan your routes to use less gas, reduce carbon emission and save money. Better yet, chose a Clean Energy Vehicle (Hybrid, Electric, or CNG) on your next vehicle purchase.

Appliances and electronics that hold the ENERGY STAR label are engineered to be more energy efficient. Is it time to replace an old energy hog appliance with one that is going to save you energy and money?

YOU do make a difference! Every positive action and choice that you make as an individual adds up to create change for the better. Being part of the solution simply feels good while protecting the EARTH for future generations to come.

About GREENFest
GREENFest, co-founded and co-produced by the Green Alliance and Republic Services, is a collaborative community driven festival with the vision to educate southern Nevada on recycling, environmental topics and services available to them to enjoy and live a more sustainable lifestyle. The mission of the Earth Day celebration is to bring together like-minded organizations, businesses, community leaders, residents and municipalities in one collaborative celebration in honor of national Earth Day.

About Sustainable Living Committee
The Sustainable Living Committee was created to provide real estate professionals with the knowledge and education of green high performance building principles applied in residences & commercial properties. The committee will provide the most current information, tools and support regarding green features & benefits to GLVAR members.

NAR GREEN Designation courses return this summer. Contact GLVAR for more information.