The Southern Nevada Home Builders Association marks in July the 1st anniversary of its “Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas” online marketing campaign designed to help local Realtors and potential homebuyers navigate the dilemma of buying a newly constructed home compared with a resale home.

The campaign, based at the website,, provides information about the long-term cost comparisons and benefits to consider before buying a home.

Since the launch in July 2016, the website has attracted 43,362 users; 61,308 sessions; 64,645 page views; with an average visitor duration of 6 minutes.

“We are so pleased that the ‘Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas’ campaign has been such a success,” said Wayne Laska, president of the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association, and principal of StoryBook Homes.

“When it comes to weighing the financial benefits of a new home versus an existing home, Realtors and buyers should consider more than just the sales’ price, and they’re finding that information at,” Laska said.

According to Bonnie Hernandez, executive director of marketing at American West Homes, “A lot of people think new homes are more expensive, so they’ll just compare the sales prices and that’s where they stop. But if they continue to do the math, they’ll discover there’s much more to it – not only in cost savings with monthly utility bills, but in lifestyle benefits, too.” Hernandez is one of the SNHBA members who helped develop the “Start Fresh Buy New Las Vegas” campaign.

The lifestyle benefits are huge. “First, remember that everything is new,” Laska said. “All the systems, appliances and materials, so from the start, buyers enjoy long-term warranty protection and years of low-maintenance living. With a new home, buyers choose their neighborhood and floorplan, and personalize it to their own taste. And new-home communities offer amenities that older ones don’t, from shopping and dining to schools and recreation.”

“The Las Vegas real estate market has experienced a slow, measured sustainable pattern of growth over the past few years and that’s projected to continue. New homebuyers are getting more value than ever before,” Laska said.

The “Start Fresh Buy New” education campaign was created by Builders Digital Experience and on behalf of the residential construction industry to teach Realtors and the public about the many advantages of newly built homes. SNHBA’s Sales and Marketing Committee partnered with BDX to develop the local version of the program.