This is a subject that requires much consider at ion because social media directly shapes your company’s public perception. Choosing between outsourcing and keeping your social initiatives in-house is unique for each brand because each business has its own unique voice and style. If you don’t feel you have the appropriate time and resources to handle these initiatives, then outsourcing may be an effective solution, however, it’s important to first identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Take an inventory of your skill set. Do you have staff to help with your social media implementation and ongoing strategy? Would it be easier to hire additional staff and train, or would it be more cost effective to hire an agency? These are important questions to take into consideration in order to make the best decision for your business.

Defining your goals and overall strategy for social engagement, content creation, management, and measurement are the first steps in determining what you can handle in-house and what you should outsource. It’s essential to answer some

basic questions:

  • Have you defined your business objectives and target audience?
  • Do you have the resources to create great content, or should you outsource this component?
  • Are you prepared to manage and measure your results to use social data or greater targeting?
  • Have you established an adequate budget to meet your goals?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions – you have options and different scenarios available. It’s entirely possible that after giving careful consideration to these questions, you may determine that you can effectively manage your social initiatives on a monthly basis but need assistance with creating content. Maybe, you just need help with the analytics. Identifying the areas you need assistance in will help you determine which agency is right for you, but this will take some homework as well. Whether you decide to keep these initiatives in-house or outsource one or more components, it’s important to evaluate these programs on a regular basis. Monthly reviews are essential to make sure you are achieving your goals and building your social network.

If you have chosen to split responsibilities by managing the day to day social engagement in-house but will outsource content, for example, then utilize your relationship with your agency to your advantage by asking them to evaluate your progress and give you feedback. This dialogue is invaluable and will validate your decision or help you identify if you need additional help.

There are pros and cons to consider when determining if outsourcing is right for you. Your business has a unique style that may be a challenge for others to emulate. If this holds true for your company, then you risk losing some authenticity and your social engagements may be more ‘vanilla’ by outsourcing. On the other hand, if you don’t feel you have sufficient time and resources to devote to an ongoing campaign, it may be more beneficial to seek additional help.

The right solution may be a combination. Analyze your current situation to determine what the most effective solution is for your business to ensure you have a dedicated team to manage your social platforms and engagement.