Consider this:

Your entire experience of reality is dictated by how your brain processes input.

How you feel about things, what you believe about them, and what you believe about yourself and your capabilities is all determined by how your brain has been wired over the course of your life.

How does this wiring occur? And more importantly, can you change it if the wiring you have doesn’t serve your higher vision?

Perhaps you have heard the term “neuroplasticity.” This simply refers to your brain’s ability to change.

When you are young, and your brain is WIDE OPEN and ready to receive information, you do not have the capability of evaluating the input to determine whether the information coming in will serve or hinder your greater good. You have no clue about the “greater good” or any real concept of your future.

For example, it’s very common for children to take on the beliefs and viewpoints of their parents, until such time as they begin to be more self-aware and have the ability to create their OWN meaning to any given input. As such, we begin the “wiring” process of our brain as soon as life starts. When we “wake up” to our ability to make our own meaning, the wiring is already established.

With all the new inputs and your acceptance of them, “neuropathways” are formed in the brain, and over time, these pathways very literally shape the lens through which you experience the world. Your “truth” about reality is defined, and because you can ONLY process anything based on your wiring, it’s not always easy to CHANGE your attitude and beliefs about anything.

In order to rewire those neuropathways, you need to begin giving consistent and different input into your mind to allow new neuropathways to grow, and the old ones to wither away.

It will take time, persistence, and consistency. It will require patience and the ability to be gentle with yourself.

In my coaching with the Law of Attraction, I constantly hear things like, “I should know this by now!” and “I’ve done everything it said to do in ‘The Secret’ and nothing is working!” This is the problem with the personal development industry. Promises of “quick results,” etc. cause people to expect transformation to take place nearly instantly, and when it doesn’t, they doubt the process and/or their own ability to get results.

The worst part is, every time you affirm “failure” to yourself, you strengthen the wiring that tells you that success is eluding you…or that you are failing…or that the Law of Attraction is nonsense. Fortifying that wiring, no matter how justified you feel about doing so, only assures more of the same results.

You’re up against your wiring ALL the time. The only way to change your results is to change your brain by giving it new input on a consistent basis long enough that new neuropathways are formed.

The main reason people do not make it to the level they are trying to reach, given that it is something significantly bigger and better than what they are experiencing now, is that they try to do it by

themselves. When you reach the limits of your wiring, your brain will give you every reason to stop the attempt at change. Without a strong support system to keep you accountable and help you stay consistent with your new ways of thinking, you are bound to stop long before you will see results to settle back into the “comfortable discomfort” you are used to.

Here are five quick tips to begin changing your wiring. In a future article, we can dig deeper into each of these.

  1. Get clear on who you REALLY want to be! Changing your wiring is actually fundamentally changing YOU. You get to decide who you want to be and how you want to rewire. Knowing that first is critical.
  2. Change your environment. Even simple changes around your workplace that are more congruent with the success you want to be will begin to change your relationship with that space, and subsequently, your wiring. How does your space make you feel right now? What gets triggered? What changes can you make starting today?
  3. Change your habits. You get into behavioral patterns that both create and sustain your wiring. You need to be able to look honestly at your habits ask yourself, “What would the more successful version of me do right now, instead of this?”
  4. Develop a visualization practice, infused with Gratitude. Some of the most successful people on the planet credit visualization for moving them toward success. Regular visualization infused with emotion and gratitude begins to feed your brain with new input, and thus begins the rewiring process.
  5. Get support through coaching. Your wiring is always going to prevent you from seeing past your current beliefs about what is possible for you. When you get up against your wiring, you’re most likely going to stop your progress either consciously or through self-sabotage if you don’t have someone who is trained to guide you through the inevitable discomfort of change.

Implement these five steps on a daily basis, and your rewiring is underway! Eventually, you’ll get to a point where your CURRENT way of thinking seems just as foreign as your next-level thoughts seem now.

That’s how wiring works.

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