As a REALTOR® how many miles do you drive annually? What is your monthly fuel cost and how does it impact your profit margin?

Fuel cost is one expense real estate professionals can now gain control of and improve their bottom line by choosing alternative fuel modes of transportation.

Consumers commonly perceive the challenges of buying hybrids or electric vehicles are limited choices, short battery ranges, and availability of charging stations.

The good news is clean energy vehicles are now available by a variety of manufacturers with better technology than ever. Clean energy vehicles are offered in economy and luxury type vehicles and everything in between. There was a time when limited choices were available, however — today you have choices by manufacturers such as Toyota, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Lexus, Infinity, Cadillac, Mercedes, Porsche and my favorite — Tesla. Just to mention a few.

With the hybrid/electric vehicles, the concern of lack of available charging stations and range no longer exists. In some cases, you are able to drive over 380 miles on a full gas and charged battery. You can find battery ranges of electric vehicles from 80 to 400 miles.

Due to the progressive work within southern Nevada, charging stations are popping up everywhere.”

As an example, the LEAF has an 80-100 mile range with the ability to use in the local area to run your business without much concern about range anxiety. A Tesla has from 200-400 range and is introducing more affordable models.

Both Dave Tina Sr. and Jr. of Urban Nest Realty made commitments to smart and clean transportation by choosing Teslas as their new vehicles. When asked what motivated Dave Tina Jr., he responded: ”I chose a Tesla for the ability to have freedom from the gas pump, while knowing that I’m reducing my carbon footprint and not sacrificing performance made it a no brainer. Throw in that it’s a small business lease and it can go almost 300 miles on a single charge was icing on the cake.”

The GREEN Alliance is a proud partner of an emerging initiative, Clean Energy Las Vegas, which is a collaborative group of associations, businesses and individuals dedicated to the development and growth of alternative-fuel vehicle (AFV) transportation in Las Vegas and State of Nevada.

Due to the progressive work within southern Nevada, charging stations are popping up everywhere. My friend and colleague of Nevada Electric Vehicle Acceleration (NEVA), Stan Hanel, is a driver of this movement and he says, “Public recharging sites around town are continuing to grow. Caesars Entertainment just installed 28 new plugs at seven properties in the last two weeks, offering electricity at no cost through the NV Energy Shared Investment program for the next five years. They joined MGM Resorts International in this program, who installed over 30 plugs at 11 locations during the first quarter.” When you visit, you can find a map of the charging stations through Nevada.

Did you know the average American household spends nearly 60% of its budget on housing and transportation? When comparing at 13 cents per kilowatt-hour, an electric car can travel about 40 miles on $1.50 compared to a gallon of gas to go the same distance at $3.75 or so.

Another compelling benefit is the synergy of using solar power for both home and car in southern Nevada, where the sun shines brightly about 300 days a year. As a state, Nevada has to import all its fossil fuels — oil, natural gas, coal, refined gasoline and diesel. By energizing our homes and electric vehicles, we are able to reduce our bottom line and our individual carbon footprint, all while being part of the overarching solution.

GREEN Designated REALTOR® Russ Upp, with Simply Vegas Real Estate, recently purchased a hybrid car and jokingly says, “I felt like I was spending $30 on gas every two minutes with my truck and now I’m spending $30 every 5-6 days. With the thousands of miles I drive serving my clients, I’m happy to save over $2,500 a year.” The bottom line is the bottom line, driving clean energy vehicles saves money, creates sustainable communities and cuts greenhouse gas emissions which protects the environment. I purchased a Ford Fusion, Hybrid a year ago and am enjoying the new technology, but mostly, it just feels good!