In a world where information is abundant and there exists as much fake news as real news, leaders, more than ever before, are charged with remaining learning based.

Quality leaders, not only stay in curiosity, they bring this spirit of forever learning to the group.  It’s truly a “we are all in this together” team mindset.

While there exist thousands of books on leadership and a variety of leadership programs across the world, all designed to help and assist us to “be a better leader,” I’d like to suggest that today’s leaders consider embracing two books for themselves and their teams.

I recently finished a book which was originally published in October of 2015 called EXTREME OWNERSHIP. It is written by two U.S. Navy Seals, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and published by St. Martin’s Press in New York.  The sub-title of the book is “How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win”.

This book uses the real-life stories of the battles which took place in Iraq and more specifically, the Battle of Ramadi. The authors of the book lead teams in these fights and share the actual stories, conditions, and situations which they were faced with in this war on terror.

What is unique is that the lessons learned there are easily transferable to commerce today.  The authors work as business and leadership coaches with fortune 500 companies and share the lessons learned in war as they apply to our everyday businesses. In each of the scenarios, there is a life and death situation at stake for the men in the field and fighting in the towns from building to building. The lessons learned and taught within the book are invaluable to any business or leader, and I highly recommend this read.

The second book that I am high on which remains a super powerful book on “focus” and being clear on what the business goal and objectives are, is, “The One Thing.” This book is written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.  It is published by Bard Press and is on more than 100 best seller lists. The sub-title of this book is: “the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.”

This book is a simple and easy read and has the power to change your life in short order. Its focus is on the simple things that stop most of us from tapping into the powerful parts of ourselves which will breed success at a super high level.  The book addresses such elements as “Multi-tasking” and why that’s a lie. It deals with “will power” and personally maximizing it in our lives to gain exactly what we want.   It addresses “Habits” and how they work for and against us.

I believe one of the most powerful chapters is the one which deals with the “four thieves of productivity.”  The 17 pages which make up this chapter are worth the $20.00 investment for the book.

While I recognize that many of the younger generations are typically not the readers that older generations have been, I strongly encourage this simple read if you are looking to impact your life.

I believe in this so much that I make this offer to those of you that have read this far. If you are looking to make a change and are willing to come to my office and meet with me for 15 minutes and share what significant changes you are looking to make in your life, I will give you a free copy of this book. I have just ordered 25 copies, so, if you are one of the first 25 people to come and share your story with me, I will provide you with this gift.

In any event, leaders are learning based and more than ever before, are staying in curiosity.  Looking to boost your life or leadership skills, read these two books.