When people hear the words property manager, they think of someone who simply collects the rent. However, is that a realistic assessment of the job title? Consider the following: A property manager is usually hired to protect a homeowner’s most expensive investment and look out for their best interest.  What does that mean? They want someone who can locate a good tenant, collect the rent on time, be reachable, and have a home that is taken care of. Clearly, collecting the rent is only one task of many.  Additionally, in Nevada, all property managers must carry a real estate license as well as a property management permit.  Yes, a qualified property manager has a responsible position that is highly valued among many homeowners.

DID YOU KNOW? NRS 118A.260  states  “A landlord shall disclose to a tenant in writing at or before the commencement of the tenancy a telephone number at which a responsible person who resides in the county or within 60 miles of where the premises are located may be called in case of emergency.”

Here are some of the things that Property Managers do: 

  • Marketing of a property for rent 
  • Screening applicants to ensure they are qualified to rent the property
  • Preparing, and signing leases
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Coordinating repairs 
  • Resolving HOA complaints
  • Property inspections
  • Move-in and move-out
  • Security deposit accounting
  • Collection of rent

Processing 7-day notices when the rent is not paid on time Coordinating evictions when necessary.

The eviction process can be a bit tedious if you don’t know where to start. When a tenant does not pay the rent on time, you must start by serving them with a 7-day notice to pay or quit. Once that notice has expired, a 24-hour notice can be requested through the court. Should the tenant file a stay, the landlord or property manager will be required to attend a court hearing. Fortunately, Nevada is more of an owner right state, so what might take months or even years to evict in other states will usually only take a few weeks to do in NV.