“My wife, my mom, my father, they are physically pushing me. All my guys have been shoving me, which is way tougher than any 45-m.p.h. wind gust. They are really making me work hard, which is what I want.” – Nik Wallenda

Daredevil Nik Wallenda successfully walked between skyscrapers on high wires suspended hundreds of feet above downtown Chicago, accomplishing the historic feat without a harness or a safety net—and in one case, blindfolded.

 Nik Wallenda

 What the self-described “family man that does what daredevils do” did have was the full support of his wife, Erendira, and parents Terry and Delilah, all of whom are veteran wire walkers themselves, and who made it possible for Nik to break two more world records. Together, the two couples now hold a total of nine world records!

 And, while Nik gets the world’s credit, he gives all of his credit to his family–his first and foremost Accountability Partners. He is often quoted as saying he feels it takes even more courage on the part of his family to keep their commitment to (literally) keep him on track and on the wire, so he can achieve his HUGE goals.

 There is a trick to being someone who attracts Accountability Partners this powerful and courageous, who believe in us, encourage us and provide us with the support to help us keep the commitments we have made to ourselves.

 So, here’s the trick–in order to attract a truly supportive Accountability Partner, we must be willing to be supported.

 Sounds simple, yes?

 Yet, for most people, it is so very challenging and takes great amounts of courage!

 Most people have had so much experience in being disappointed and let down by others that just the thought of depending upon another person strikes fear in their heart. As a result, they have learned how to depend only upon themselves and put up walls to keep others from getting too close.

 They rarely share with others their goals and deepest dreams, and they often pretend to others that everything is just fine in their lives.

And, as a result, they are left wondering why they feel so alone.

 The trick, therefore, lies in shifting our focus from distrust of others to a belief that we deserve to receive support, and then creating clarity for ourselves as to the type of person who would be perfect to have in our lives as an Accountability Partner.

 Identifying the qualities, characteristics, attributes, talents and personality traits of the type of person we would enjoy having as our closest friend makes it much easier to recognize that person when we meet them.

 And with that clarity, we also gain more confidence and courage to make requests of others to be of support in specific ways that will make it possible for us to achieve our goals with greater velocity and ease. The more specific our requests, the easier it is for others to respond to those requests and fulfill them–if, of course, they match the profile of our perfect Accountability Partner.

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I AM saying the following affirmation:

Today, there is a real possibility that I AM boosting my courage by reaching out for support to my Personal Accountability Partners.

This is my Intentional Activity for today:

Today, I will remember Chi-To-Be! Energy Surge #11 to reach out for support to my Personal Accountability Partners who believe in me, encourage me and provide me with chi-lifts to expand and sustain my own energy and power to keep my commitments to myself.

Stacey Hall, L.S.H., C.N.T.C., C.A.C, C.R.T.S.

The Global Expert for Attracting, Expanding and Retaining Passionately Successful Teams