1. Set proper expectations:
Setting the stage for your customers as to what to expect when visiting a new home sales center can make all the difference in the world. Share with your clients that they will likely be asked to register and that the on site agent will perform a brief demonstration of the model homes and community. Explain that this is normal and OK and will help them learn about the most important things they would likely need to know when considering their homes.

2. It’s not all about cost per square foot:
We often get in the habit of comparing homes on a cost per square foot basis. Its important to remember that new homes have many new features and are subject to new regulations, which make them potentially more expensive than a similar sized resale around the corner. That’s OK. The secret in selling new homes is in communicating the value and lifestyle associated with these features. Just because it costs more doesn’t mean it’s more expensive in the long run. Remember, price and affordability are not the same thing. You can pay more for something that costs you less in the long run.

3. Know the builders Unique Sel l ing Proposition (USP):
Every builder stands for or does something special or different, this is their Unique Selling Proposition. Whether it’s about energy efficiency, design, architecture, quality or something else, having a general understanding of what a builder is all about and what makes them different can be very helpful when explaining to your client the pros and cons of a particular builder community, home or home site. This knowledge goes a long way, as even though builders build in many different parts of town their USP is usually the same.

4. Bu i lder s are motivated sellers:
Builders are very interested in selling their homes and are able to help make sales happen in ways that traditional resale homeowners cant. In comparison to most resale transactions they have dedicated resources and will work hard to ensure that once in contract the home closes. Not to mention the fact that many builders are also able to offer different types of promotions and incentives designed to better help customers afford and get in to their homes in the first place.

5. Understand the builder sales process before you go in:
Understanding that when you walk into a builder sales center, the new home sales associate will likely follow a prescribed sales process is important to know, not only for you, but your client as well. Often this process starts with a welcome, registration and demonstration. Set your buyers expectations appropr iately and take advantage of the opportunity to learn about what the builder offers in their homes. You’d be surprised how many times there is something important and valuable included that your client may have otherwise overlooked.

6. Register Register Register:
If you want to be paid a commission for your efforts, and you should, it’s important to remember that every builder has a different commission and registration policy. Get to know them and follow the rules. Often commissions are not based on the final sales price and builders require registering the customer on the first visit but call ahead to know and be sure. Think of it this way, many builders pay a commission or referral to an agent because they are the procuring cause of a sale, not because they represent the buyer. Oh, and don’t forget to keep that signed registration form.

7. Sign up for builder E Blasts:
One of the hardest things about new home builders is knowing their availability. Signing up for builder E Blast or their Broker Programs on their websites is a good way of staying informed and learn about not only their availability but also new communities, products and promotions, not to mention their USP.

8. Be professional and work together with the on site agent:
When you understand what the general sales process will be in a new home sales center, supporting it will go a long way towards making the process flow. Want to be seen as a true professional? Upon entry introduce yourself and your client to the sales associate, give them the highlights of your clients needs and ask if they have something that fits. This will assist you in moving the process along and assist them by more narrowly focusing the information they will share with you and your clients.

9. Get to know builder product over time:
The Southern Nevada homebuilders Association (SNHBA) has started a program called “Train and Tour”. It’s a formal opportunity for agents to learn about various homebuilders throughout the valley. But it’s not the only way to learn the same thing. During your normal course of business, next time you see a new home community, just drop in and ask the on-site agent for a quick tour. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get to know a builder and their product. This will help next time you have a buyer client; weather in that area or almost any other, as many builders build the same or similar product around the valley

10. Try to show more builder product earlier in your sales process:
Most agents focus on resale when working with buyers and don’t introduce new homes into the showing list until much later. Being comfortable with and having a good working knowledge of builders and the various homes and communities they build around the valley can give you a leg up and potentially the ability to close more transactions faster and for more.

New homebuilders are a tremendous resource to agents working with buyers. Don’t be afraid or nervous about showing or selling them. Getting to know them and working with them professionally can go a long way towards making you a better agent not to mention selling more homes and making more money.

Remember every resale home was once a new home.