Every agent in the Real Estate business has a number of options that they face every day. Should I work today or not? Should I follow my plan or not? Should I prospect or take another day off from that activity? Should I follow up on the leads I have or wait for them to call me? Should I call and prequalify my prospect or just go out and meet with them? Should I use a strong pre-planned presentation or just go out and wing it? These are all obvious options that everybody has and I’m convinced that the level of productivity depends upon how you choose to answer.

One of the options is obvious… should I spend my time as a Real Estate salesperson listing property or should I spend my time selling property? Both activities lead to various levels of production and income, but the very basic skill sets to be good at either one are completely different. I ask audiences all the time… “Is it easier to sell a home to a buyer or is it easier to list a home for sale?” Ninety percent of every audience says it’s easier to list homes for sale. This always makes me smile and then I ask… “If it’s easier to list homes for sale, why don’t you take listings all the time? And why do you spend so much time with buyers… if it’s so much harder?”

I believe (and I would say that the majority of all the good producers in Real Estate would support me on this) that selling a home is many times easier to complete than listing property. Why? Because for the vast majority of agents and buyers, it is virtually a no-talent or low-talent process. You find a buyer somewhere… your lender prequalifies them, you discover they can afford to buy a home for X amount, you take them to a house, open the front door, they walk in and tell you they love it and want to buy it.

Look at the process of listing property. In most cases, you have to go out and find potential sellers… there is going to be a lot of competition when you find one, which means your lead follow-up skills have to be improved. You absolutely have to prequalify or you’ll be wasting tremendous amounts of time and then you better be razor sharp at your listing presentation or they’re going to overprice the property, ask you to cut the commission, or simply list with somebody else. Here’s a thought for you…

Look at your basic sales skill level and see if the skills you have allow you to list property in high volume, meaning take 50 listings or more per year. You and I both know in today’s society, if you take 50 listings a year, you’re probably going to have 40 good, solid closings. In essence, you have to take a listing a week, which all of you can do… if you learn the skill set to make it happen. Yes, it’s more work, but it’s also a lot more productive and profitable.