When we look at the tasks, results and sales production of
a company and they’re GREAT, we typically give credit to
the leader of the group. The leadership typically receives
a bonus on the production achievements and the team members in the real estate industry typically have earned
more as well.We call this a win-win!

Funny as it may seem, the quality leader will usually pass the credit for the production achievements back to the associates and staff who made it happen.

When a company measures their sales production and it’s dropping and/or stagnant and there’s no market condition explaining the result, the leader is generally the first one to be blamed and/or fired for the drop or continued drop in company performance.  

The weak leader may complain that something other than him or her is responsible for the failing or poor results.  He/she may say that the sales force is sluggish, not engaged or unmotivated.

One of the many things I have learned about sales people in the real estate business is this: They are human and contend with the same plethora of feelings that regular working employees of retail stores, manufacturing companies, hotel workers and all other employees deal with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. While we must respect these men and women for choosing to get into the real estate industry and really creating a business of their own, we, the team leaders, brokers and managers in the industry, must also acknowledge our obligations to these associates in the building of their businesses and mindset. 

I have found that, left to their own thoughts and goals, most agents will select goals and annual income targets far lower than is really possible.  I have consistently found that I have a bigger vision for them than they have for themselves. Many of the top producing agents I have coached now and over the years had serious doubt about their ability to hit big goals and goals that only a year earlier, were not even a consideration.   

Leaders in the real estate industry are also coaches in every respect of the word. Offices and companies with a strong leadership group tend to attract the top agents in the industry.  Why? What has become more and more clear in recent years is that most top performers use one or more coaches, regardless their level of production.  In fact, we’re finding the most productive agents, those selling 250 to 1,000 or more homes per year, tend to have multiple coaches.  Because an agent doing this type of production is likely to be leading a team of their own, they may have a leadership coach in addition to their sales coach, workout coach and/or life coach.

We are at a point in time today like never before. We are seeing more agents across the country bringing in a gross of over a million dollars per year than ever before in history.  We are seeing agents bringing in five and ten million per year, more than most companies in the country.  Now we are seeing what is known as “Mega Agent Expansion,” and the expansionists that are stepping up to play in this arena.  I met with one of my coaches, in a coaching session today, whose team operates in 40 different markets, over 13 states and will sell well over 1,000 homes this year.    

The question today is, what are your limiting beliefs, and what can you do about getting over them?

Here is what the leaders in the real estate industry must be clear on today. Agents are looking at our results and are measuring their decision about whether to join our firms by the results they see in our companies. They want to know that the company leadership can assist and lead them to the next level of their production and beyond. We have a complete refocus on education at the highest level, coupled with the “how to” and “best practices” for serious agents looking to build a big business. These agents want to change their families’ lives and leave a legacy for their children and grand children.  We are seeing a rebirth of big “business minded” people being attracted to the industry.  

The bottom line of this new resurgence is that big business minded individuals are seeking out companies and leadership within those companies that are a match to the culture of successful business.  They are looking not only for the right vibe; they are also looking to connect with powerful coaching and proven leadership.  They are collecting data and watching for where other successful agents are migrating to in their decision-making process. More than ever before, they are measuring the results of the leadership team of the business to which they are committing.  Leaders that are playing at a high level are attracting the best talent and creating the most attractive environment and culture for business and growth. 

Looking at the numbers, education, coaching, systems and models that a company and their leadership team bring to the table is now the focus of big business minded agents and, it’s the leadership team that is open to such accountability that will succeed at a high level.