Have you ever star ted your day, week, month or year wondering? “Wha t am I going to in this terrible situation?” or “How did I let it get this far ?” or think, “I’ve really made some bad decisions to end up here!”

Well, if you ever felt overwhelmed by the circumstances you’ve found yourself in, you are not alone…

The truth is, as humans, we are emotional beings. It’s part of the make-up of what and who we are, and everybody goes through these types of feelings to some degree or another. Although the anxiety it creates within each of us varies, it is nonetheless real and stressful.

So, the question is, how do we get over it or correct it and move on? I use the keep it simple method!

I like to start with what I call the 5-year evaluation. In other words, I ask myself, “What will this mean in 5 years?” and, “will people be talking about this in 5 years?” Almost 100% of the time the answer is no, it will mean nothing in 5 years, and nobody will even know it happened let alone care.

Once we establish that it’s not a life changing blunder, the next step is to learn from it and move forward.

What we know is that people can accomplish almost anything in a 5-year period of time if they set their mind to it. 99 times out of 100 it comes down to two things.

  1. Dropping bad habits
  2. Creating new habits

Yes, most dreams can come true with a five year, all in, commitment. The key being “all in.” Recent clinical studies show that the average time it takes to create a new habit is 66 days and NOT the previously thought 21 days.

This is the average time, so be mindful of this and if the new habit you are working to create is a major one it could take 80 to 100 days or more.

One of the simple rules about creating new habits is to work on one at a time.

The downfall of many “New Years” resolutions is the person is articulating several major habit changes as one new goal or resolution, and the chances of failing are almost 100% when doing so.

For example: “I’m going to start getting up earlier, walking two miles, workout in the gym every other day and eat healthier and lose weight.”

This sentence really contains four different, major habit changes plus one new result and if they are all new to the person, the odds of achieving four new habits at once are almost zero.

The correct way to do this long term is to break it down so that at the end of the line, they have a massive change in their life that can and will last a lifetime.

First start with habit one: Getting up earlier. This may mean that it’s necessary to modify what happens in the evening so that they get to bed earlier. Perhaps some research about the importance of sleep and how it affects health. Let’s start with tracking this and getting up 1.5 hours earlier every day for 66 days. Mark it on a tracking sheet or calendar. The rule is: If you miss one day, you must start the 66 days over. Once that is done 66 days in a row, go to step two (habit two).

Habit two: Let’s be real if you haven’t been walking at all, starting with two miles your first day may not be the best move for you. How about a ½ mile per day the first week, then 1 mile per day the second week, then 1.5 miles per day the third week, then 2 miles per day after that. Be sure to mark your tracking sheet or calendar every single day… If you miss a day, the 66 days starts over. All the while, you are still getting up 1.5 hours earlier than you used to because that’s already a new habit.

Habit three: Working out in the gym every other day. Since we know it takes 66 days, on average, to create a habit, this one will require 132 days cause we’re working out every other day. Track it as usual.

Habit four: Eating healthier. The truth is that doing the first three habits will have already influenced your eating habits and some minor tweets may do the trick for you here. Track this for 66 days… Most healthy systems out there include “cheat days” so that you don’t go totally crazy.

If you have followed this habit creating method, you are in about a year to achieve all the things mentioned in the original sentence. The good news is that you have likely dropped several bad habits to make room for the new habits. You’re also a year down the road, not only with some new habits but also with a new and sustainable lifestyle. You’ve likely already seen one of the results of the lifestyle change in weight loss.

The same method can be used to create and achieve business goals and results.

I say, start with your physical and mental health first then move to your job and business habits and goals. Remember it doesn’t happen overnight, good things happen throughout our lives, that’s why we call it a lifestyle.