A good lead generation strategy is crucial for every real estate business. This is your ticket to a stronger online presence and big commissions. One of the best social media platforms you can use for this is Instagram. In case you don’t know, Instagram is not just for selfies and travel photos. It is a powerful lead generator and portfolio that can drive your business to success.

Because of its user-friendliness and visuals, Instagram is loved by many realtors and business owners. A good Instagram strategy can improve your engagement numbers. More real estate agents, home sellers, and buyers can see your specialization, and the listings you represent.

Why is Instagram the perfect social media site for real estate agents?

1. Instagram is everyone’s favorite social media platform.

Instagram provides an easy and awesome way to stay in touch. Today, having a beautiful Instagram feed is considered as free advertising.

2. It allows you to show off your listings through attention-grabbing visuals.

Instagram a great choice for real estate professionals who want to show off their offerings through wonderful images. Uploading Instagram stories or short video walkthroughs from time to time is also a brilliant idea.

3. It allows you to look like a professional even if you don’t have any experience.

Instagram is realtor newbie-friendly. Even just a single Instagram photo of your listing with the right hashtags can result in great leads.

4. Hashtags are effective SEO elements.

By using the correct hashtags, you can reach your target market.

5. It can help real estate agents get more referrals.

Through Instagram, coordinating with potential and existing clients becomes easier. Just in case they want to refer your services and properties to some of their friends or make some inquiries, they can just follow you and tag your account.

See? Instagram is really a valuable platform that can help you reach potential home buyers, most especially the millennial demographic. The key here is to use amazing videos and images alongside a good content strategy.

Instagram is a visual game that you must play to level up your lead generation tactics. If you think you would need some help in managing your strategy, feel free to hire a professional who can run your real estate company’s Instagram page. Here are more Instagram lead generation tips that can help you.

1. Write creative captions.

If done right, creative captions can position your real estate brand ahead of the competition. Write captions that are as attention-grabbing and remarkable as your images. This is not just about maintaining a visually-appealing social feed. You should also establish a strong connection to your target market through words.

2. Use different content types.

Again, Instagram is not just about visuals. You should learn to play around with different types of content, from stories to videos and images. Make the most out of your content strategy. Posting good images is a great start, but as you go along, learn how to experiment. Why not make more Instagram stories and interactive content? Whatever it is you choose to upload, focus on creating interesting, shareable content for potential home buyers.

3. Create an inviting, engaging Instagram bio.

Creating a positive first impression is crucial in every industry, not just the real estate business. Thus, you must take your time in writing an engaging, compelling bio for your real estate company’s Instagram account. What do you want to tell your prospects? How can you encourage them to trust you, follow you, and connect with you?

4. Use the correct hashtags.

For many real estate business owners, hashtags are golden elements that can result in more leads. Hashtags are not that important in all social media platforms, but it is a big deal on Instagram. People always find new Instagram accounts by browsing content with the help of hashtags. Take advantage of this habit.

5. Look for a niche.

You need to look and stay different. How can you set your real estate initiatives apart from the others? Make sure that you have a unique value proposition. Set a differentiating factor that can provide high value to existing and potential clients. If possible, cite personal experiences and statistics.

Are you ready to generate new leads on Instagram?

Gaining new leads via Instagram may look easy, but it has its own challenges. The best and most experienced real estate agents out there are implementing amazing strategies that can push your new initiatives behind.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are plenty of other tips you can follow.

Spend tons of time identifying your ideal leads, as well as the brand image you want to be recognized for. Set realistic goals. Make a content calendar to keep the ball rolling. Run brilliant Instagram ad campaigns. Take it one step at a time. Be prepared to deal with the learning curve and practice a lot.