As with anything that you are committed to accomplishing, you must believe that you can accomplish it. It would not make much sense to want to accomplish something, yet not believe it can be done. What I will tell realtors I’m working with or that person looking for the answer is, “Everyone can do it.” I mean everyone or most everyone can lead a fun, exciting, power-packed, vibrantly healthy, joyous life, yet few will. Everyone can, yet few will. Few will be willing to do what’s necessary in order to live that life. I did not say capable, I said willing—most are capable, just not willing.

Will is a power. You’ve heard of will power or personal power. We have the power; it’s not as if we don’t have it. We have it. The only question is, “Do you use it, and how often?” The willpower was given to us at the same time we got personal power – at birth. So everybody can, yet few will. Few will be willing to do what’s necessary in order to get the job done. Notice that I said necessary, not convenient; most are looking to do life and their commitments out of convenience and not out of demand. The ones who seem to do so well in life, business, health, family, and traditionally, all the most important domains are the ones who simply demand more from themselves than anybody else. So again: You can. Will you?

Will you do what’s necessary to win? The inner conversation must be one of, “I can. I will.” We already know you can; that’s a given. Now you must know and declare that you will. The “I will” is key to one’s success. When I got married to my wife, Shelley, the pastor asked me to say “I do,” and really, that’s the same as “I will.” “I will do.” So there you have it: “I can. I will.” And now the most important key to this whole conversation is “I must!” Just because someone says they’re going to go make $100,000 in the next six months and  they can, this does not necessarily imply they will do. Think about how many times you have said you “can do” something. You even said you “will do” something, yet did nothing. The real reason that you do not accomplish the goals you say you are committed to is not because you are incapable or do not know how. It’s that you have not made it a must. Your conversation goes something like this: “I can do it. I will do it. I should do it!” Traditionally humans get what they must have—not what they should have, what they must have. Shoulds happen out of convenience, and musts happen out of demand. When I ask someone if it is a should or a must to pay their mortgage on time, or if it is a should or a must to pay their car note on time, they are quick to reply that both of those payments are a must. If one is committed to being a high-octane realtor, then one must believe they can, they will, and that they must! Anything less will be a hope, wish, or fantasy. If one is committed to being the best realtor they can, then one must believe they can, they will, and they must. This is not complicated. Let’s just turn the conversation in the opposite direction. The opposite conversation is, “I can’t. I won’t. But I should!” You and I both know that whatever you put your mind and emotions to, you flat-out handle. You do not overcomplicate when it comes to handling things; you just handle them and say, “I just did it!” The ultimate key 

is to create the inward conversation that most supports you in your outer quest for success; your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Imagine saying, “I can, I will, I must!” a hundred times a day. Imagine saying it with full emotional and physical motion attached. Imagine saying it out loud when you run or exercise. Imagine closing your eyes and saying it. Imagine that when you say it, it travels around the whole globe, and every person in every city and every nation can hear you. Imagine saying it seven hundred times a week, twenty-eight hundred times a month, fifty-six hundred times in an eight-week period? Imagine that each and every time you said it, twenty-five cents went into an automatic account, and fifty cents went in if you added just a little more push behind it? Imagine you became a multimillionaire because you went on the belief that “I can. I will. I must!” wasn’t going to be just another concept or theory you believed in, yet it appeared in your inner conversation. You discovered your willingness to do what you know you can already do. Now you will do it, and the difference is that now it’s a must. Imagine you just did it! Make it a must as a professional realtor to do all the things you know you must do in order to be the very best at what you do. Make daily prospecting a must, make accountability a must, make follow-up a must, and make working on you a must that ultimately makes the biggest difference.  In closing, identify your top 3 musts and begin to put an action plan together to move in that direction.