“I am NOT a heroin addict.”

Yes indeed, these are the words you’d likely hear from most of the 1,000,000 plus heroin addicts in the USA. Approximately two of the three overdose deaths per hour, every hour, in the United States are due to opioid-based drugs, mostly heroin.

      Why are we talking about this in a real estate-based magazine? Because we, as citizens of this country, have got to pay attention at every level to this epidemic. It is in the protour time in the Vietnam war.  In 2017 alone, we lost approximately 71,000 of our people to drug overdoses, the most in our history.

It’s time for a national rally.

We, in our industry, are interacting with large numbers of people across all parts of our nation and we may just be the ones to lead a national movement and effort to “save our country and our people.”  

     The crazy thing about heroin and all opioids is that they are truly non-discriminatory. They can and are destroying the lives of people from all races, all financial class levels from dirt poor to excessively wealthy, all religious groups, young and old, healthy and sick, male and female. They are an equal opportunity killer.

Based on the national numbers per the CDC (Center for Disease Control) it is likely, if you are reading this, that you have a family member or close friend who has died from heroin, has a heroin problem, or at best, you have a friend in that situation.

There are millions of “unseen victims” in this scenario that are often not treated or provided any help what-so-ever. These are the children of these addicts who are left trying to understand and cope with why their parents don’t seem to love them or care about them. This drug is creating a generational spiral which in some ways, is eerily like a death march.

It is time to put our energy and resources into fighting this war on our homeland that is killing and crippling some of our brightest minds and future leaders.  Yes, this needs to be treated like a war that is killing our people and their families.

Mind shift on the horizon

It looks like we are beginning to understand that the everyday users of these drugs are sick.  While many are committing illegal acts in order to obtain/buy the drug, if it weren’t for their addiction, they’d probably not be criminals. Unfortunately, we have simply been treating them like criminals for most of the past 100 years. Now, with a more educated awareness of what the opioids are doing to the brains of these folks, we have a much clearer understanding of what’s going on.

Let’s get tougher on the importers of the poison which is killing our people and let’s open the door for a cure for those addicted.

See something – Say something ‑ Do something.

We, as a group of sales people, are interacting with lots and lots of people every day.  These are our communities, which we help build.  Let’s take a stand, perhaps get involved in a teen group or a rehab center.  Let’s read up and get more educated about opioid addiction.

Want a shocker? Call your local hospital and inquire as to the number of babies being born each month addicted to heroin.  That’s right, and it usually takes 30 to 120 days to get them off the drug they’ve been addicted to for nine months in the womb. It’s unthinkable how a mother could do that to her unborn child.  Unfortunately, it is being done every day, and that child is then brought into this world with a lifetime of both physical and psychological health issues that most of the time, go untreated. 

Yes, it’s time for us as a multi-generational army to take a stand in America and fight this threat TOGETHER.  No politics, no class wars, no racial divide.  We have something that we can all work together on, and THIS IS IT!