As we enter the Holiday Season and participate in the various annual ceremonies which occupy specific dates on our calendar, we recognize the closing of another year is upon us. Is it just me or have you noticed, the older we get, the faster our planet seems to complete its full revolution around the sun?

As leaders and heads of households and companies, we have to be conscious that this time of year brings on both good news and bad news for our co-workers, friends and families. The bad news may be the realization that some of the goals and commitments which they entered into at the beginning of the year are not going to happen.

It could be weight or fitness goals which were either never really started or faltered after a poor plan or no plan whatso- ever. It could be school or work goals that slipped away or financial goals or achievements that were not met. It could also be relationship goals or dreams that have slipped by another year without the attention they deserve and require. In any event, we know that there exists a certain amount of ‘end of year’ blues in all of us as these realizations come to the forefront.

The good news is that the annual ceremonies such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, holiday parties and New Year’s, to name a few, tend to lift our spirits and provide for emotional bonding with our peers and sphere of influence.

One misconception is that most suicides occur during the holidays and it turns out that’s not true. The fact is that most suicides occur in April and May and, not surprisingly, Monday is the most popular day of the week by far.

Another important fact for our consideration is that all the disappointment noted above from the current year’s failures get new hope as a new year is approaching. The most important fact, however, is the understanding of why the failures occurred in the first place. ANSWER: It was poor planning or no real planning.

So, leaders from all walks of life, let’s share a simple way for all of our friends, family (even kids) and co-workers to achieve their dreams in 2016. Let us provide a truly hopeful and helpful formula to follow that they can measure as the year progresses month by month and quarter by quarter.

  • First: Let go of this year’s failures and don’t beat yourself up, the year’s over or just about over and there is no value in continuing to feel bad over it.
  • Second: Re-evaluate what you want to achieve in 2016 and put time markers on the various steps along the way.
  • Third: Be REAL about how many new habits you intend to create in 2016.

TIP: A person should only work on one new habit at a time, track it on its own calendar and be aware the average time to create a new habit is 66 days.

  • Fourth: Lay out your calendar: I like my Google calendar and also like to see the whole year pinned on my office wall at home. I buy the “At-A-Glance” Yearly Planner from the office supply store.
  • Fifth: PLUG in all vacations FIRST. YES, that’s correct. You may already know the dates of your company convention, the NAR convention, family vacations and weekends you’ll ikely take off during the year. I like to book a two week slot in summer time for our big vacation, and multiple extended weekends which may include a holiday Monday or Friday for short get-a-ways (4-6 days). In any event, there should be at least 1 per quarter so you always have something to look forward too.
  • Sixth: After vacations, plug in the trainings, conventions, office meetings and other times you need to set aside. December is a great month to create your annual calendar. (I have had next year’s on my wall since late August.)
  • Seventh: Now it’s time to reflect on the goals and new habits you’ve decided on for 2016 and plug in the work times necessary to achieve those things. This would include lead generation, active follow-up, taking listings, working with buyers. In other words, all your “A” time activities. Then plug in some “B” time (direct preparation for “A” time).

Eight: Lastly, t weak t he calendar, leave room for lunch every day, exercise every day, time to think every day and agree, in your mind, to eliminate the time wasters you no longer want in your life.

Hopeful leaders help to inspire others to be all they can be. They empower others and provide encouragement and guidance along the way. As we complete this revolution around the sun, let’s help all those in our sphere to be hopeful about their upcoming rotation. Let’s buckle up and have a blast, it’s a GREAT ride!