On October 1st, a senseless act of violence affected the lives of so many Las Vegas residents, but our city’s response was to stand together in strength and unity. The Las Vegas Community Healing Garden was built in the span of three days by 500 volunteers and many in-kind donations. The garden features a remembrance wall to honor the lives of those who we lost. Now with overwhelming support from the victims and City of Las Vegas, nonprofit Get Outdoors Nevada would like to make the wall a permanent fixture in Nevada.

 The new Community Healing Garden will feature 5 panels with durable material. One panel will display a water feature, three panels will retain wooden elements that images and messages can be attached and the last panel will incorporate 58 crystals to honor the 58 lives lost. There will also be a 6-foot tall blue stone angel wings donated by a New York artist.

 SNHBA has contributed to this project, and although most of project will be donated in-kind, they still need help. 

If you would like more information, or to be involved in this project, please reach out to Mauricia Baca, Executive Director, Get Outdoors Nevada at mbaca@getoutdoorsnevada.org or 702-997-3350.