There are two types of Realtors, those of us who already own our business and those of us who want to own our business. One thing about being a Realtor is you have the opportunity to control your business even if you work for someone else as an independent contractor. Essentially you can own your business no matter what by controlling the source of your leads and who gets to manage them.

One of the largest expenses an Agent or Broker incurs is marketing and lead generation. Then there is the problem of making sure all the platforms you purchase integrate seamlessly. If you are lucky, you can get everything to flow and set up marketing channels on auto pilot; often not the case. Here is where you hire the IT Staff to come to the rescue.

Any platform in the market worth having must have Website IDX (internet data exchange) and an integrated CRM (customer relationship management). It has to allow for marketing at the click of a few short steps, just click and paste. These are how you stay consistent in marketing. The most successful platforms on the market easily run 600-$1500. US dollars per month. The typical firm ends up paying huge expenses for platforms like this. It just becomes a cost of doing business. The other issue is these costs never go away, even in the bad times.

The problem of buying leads from websites like and Zillow is the leads are saturated and super expensive for a low converting lead. They usually try to intercept the buyer or seller prior to you having any access to them, why? So, they can charge you or circumvent you entirely.

I often wondered when I started out as an agent who was actually in control of my business? I was surely dependent on someone or third parties to keep supplying me leads and a pipeline of business. Then of course always having to give up a large share of the split, again not feeling like I was the one owning my career.

Here’s another thing to think about. Whoever is managing the leads gets to cherry pick the good stuff and if there’s anything left they throw a bone to the agents below them. Again, it’s feast or famine. Too many agents spread too thin over the same number of leads. Of course, this only makes sense, right? The person on top paying the expenses should yield the benefits. Right? ..Wrong!

The problem with that is you are never building your own book of business. It’s always based off someone else’s strategy and control. They feed you what they want and not what you deserve. You put in the time and then split your commissions for your hard work.

I finally realized it; I was being leveraged. My efforts yielded someone else a piece of my earnings.

It wasn’t until I became an Advanced Agent with a company that gave me full control of my book of business that I really gained momentum. Once I had my own independent platform to control my inbound leads and outbound marketing 100%, I could log in and start to own my own business. I was now in control and responsible for creating my own leads, which meant I managed them. I could do and market whatever I wanted to my database. I could set up my own drip campaigns and take back my efforts. I was in full control of rewarding myself for my time nurturing clients.

Once you have the technology platforms in your hands. This dominates a huge shift in your career. Now no matter where I went or who I worked for my book of business was mine to keep. I always knew I wouldn’t be starting from scratch no matter where I moved my database went with me. This is a shift from a lead-dependent agent to an abled-tech agent. Your database is your key to unlocking growth.

Case Study – The ten-year veteran – Alfred A.

Alfred started his career in real estate on the typical journey of an average salesperson. He was always searching for the next source to generate more leads. He was hustling for business and working every angle. He had the typical sources of sphere of influence, holding open houses, and what he could scab off his broker. Alfred was good at discovering leads on his own. He managed to grind his way to becoming a top producer at his company. The real struggle he faced was this was always a difficult way to scale. He realized that after ten years of being at his brokerage. The company had provided him lead generation tools that had provided him only one qualified lead that he could bring to a closed transaction.

He decided to move his license to another national brand. He ended up spending 37,000.00 dollars of his own money and ten months trying to improve his leads and scale his business. The reason his expenses were high is that he was buying saturated leads from Zillow and other third-party sources. He really started to realize it was the leads he owned in his database, the sphere of influence he had created and controlled that made him the most money. Alfred thought maybe the only way to expand his business further would be to start his own brokerage.

It was upon that quest that he discovered the Advanced Agent model. Once he discovered the right process and systems, he was blown away by how much more profitable he could become instantly. It was more than us just having the best lead generation tools. It was about having all the tools and strategies Advanced Agents use in scaling business. He went to controlling and master marketing to his very own leads and moving those leads through a system and closing more deals. The additional profit centers he discovered of Advanced Agents became the icing on the cake.

Within his first month of implementing the systems and strategies, he started generating 60-100 leads per month FREE with no ad spend. He took control of his own agent dashboard for CRM, his Website, leads, and marketing. He has since grown a team of over six producing agents using the Advanced Agent strategies.

If you care to know more or would like a free copy of my Advanced Agent Book, feel free to reach out to me directly, I’d be happy to send you a copy.