I want to talk about boldness. Or, if I’m truly speaking my own language – having the guts to do something that feels really freaking uncomfortable.

That’s my definition. Webster describes it as the willingness to take risks and act innovatively; confidence or courage.

Same? I think they’re pretty close. 🙂

However you choose to describe it, being bold, courageous, having the “guts” to do something…they all deliver one very specific thing – the powerful feeling that comes from stretching yourself.

You’ve felt it if you’ve pushed yourself in your career, a relationship, or your health. Which means you know that recruiting your bold muscles, having the courage to try something new or push yourself outside of your comfort zone guarantees growth.

It’s necessary in order to continue to move forward, but all too often we get comfortable and stop trying. We are afraid to take risks because we fear failure or judgment, but without goals and consistent moves to evolve, we stay stagnant. And what follows is disappointment, lack of fulfillment and a less than ideal mindset.

I’m constantly looking for opportunities to push myself, and when my boys started Jui Jitsu last month I started to feel the pull to try it. (But it felt risky!) Even though I’m an athlete, this particular sport was a stretch for me and I recognized that
I needed to challenge myself physically.

So I stopped thinking about it and
I showed up.

Was I nervous? Hell yeah.

Was I uncomfortable? You better
believe it.

Did I survive? Yep. 

Sure did, and I’m going back for more.

Here’s the thing. If we stay in our comfort zone, if we rationalize and make excuses for not trying something, how will we ever see what we are capable of doing?

Change doesn’t happen unless we take the steps to change.

That workout tested my mental strength and stamina and that’s exactly what I needed in this season of my life. A new perspective, new goals, and an opportunity to push myself to accomplish something I’ve never done.

It lit a fire under me that expanded into all areas of my life.

My challenge to you is this: Recognize where you need to be bold. Pursue the discomfort on purpose by stretching yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone. Then, experience the effects of it through positive growth.

It doesn’t have to be physical – it can be a health goal, but it can also be an act of courage within your relationships, your career, your personal development.

Wherever you need to spice it up (or whatever you’ve been resisting) – go there.

Speaking of opportunities to take bold action – I recently launched my newest program, Ascend. It’s a yearlong experience for women who want to create the personal foundation and habits for lifelong high performance.

If you are a high achieving woman who is ready to up your game, move yourself to the top of the priority list, and stretch yourself in a way that has you saying, “oh man, this is scary but I’m totally worth it”, consider checking out Ascend.

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May you identify an area where you’d like to be bold. Dare to create, speak up, act out, stand out, and face different challenges.

Dare to evolve.

You’ll be glad you did.