As we prepare to break into a new year, 2016, it’s a great time as a realtor to explore some of the daily basic disciplines that you must get back into in order to secure your best year ever. What are some basic, fundamental, daily rituals that you used to do that you no longer do? What basics have fallen through the cracks that you no longer even see or pay attention to?

The essay, “All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum is a great example of the basics. It’s fundamental and it hits the core. Most fail here. We simply fail to do the basics, whether it’s in our marriage or finances. Simply put: we cannot be bothered with something so basic and simple, so we search out the more complex. What a smart group we are. One of the major key elements of the most successful people in the world is they tend to keep to the basics, not that complex issues are not Important. We find that the most successful simply master the basic principles and build from there. In the military, the starting point is called basic training, and that’s for a reason; they start with the basics and build from there. The old cliché of going back to basics is good for all of us, as that’s what seems to matter most.

Many people tend to skip the basics as they simply believe that success could not really come down to doing the basics, so they look way out there for something easier. Really, what is easier than doing the basics? For example, in a marriage, if the basic fundamental principles are overlooked, then we are most likely doomed in that marriage. The basics of saying “I love you” and doing the little things like opening a car door or buying flowers are what the foundation is built on. In sales, for example, the basics simply come down to prospecting, presenting, closing and following through. It seems when most people attend a success seminar or buy a success book, they are usually looking for the abstract ideas, the diamond in the rough, and fail to notice the little things. We find that champions, whether they are a movie star, a top athlete or a top sales person; simply are brilliant at the basics. They do the little things that make the biggest difference.

When real estate mogul Gary Keller attended a success seminar in his early years, he picked up a success principle so basic, so simple and yet so overlooked for most; and that was to think big and aim high, pretty basic stuff. Now, there were probably hundreds of people at the same event, yet Gary Keller emerged with the keys to the kingdom because he chose to grab the basics, the fundamentals to building success and creating fulfillment.

What are some basic fundamentals that you can GET back to immediately? Maybe it’s waking up earlier or making one more sales call or saying thank you after a meal or putting yourself in peak emotional state each and every day. Maybe it’s prospecting an hour a day or making 50 calls minimum a day, maybe it’s getting back into the gym or saying your prayers. Maybe it’s visualizing your dreams every night for five minutes before you go to bed. Maybe it’s setting goals, or time blocking. Maybe it’s spending time with loved ones.

Again, what basic thing could you get back to doing that would allow for a greater quality of life and add new dimensions to your relationships? Allow the basics to stack day after day, month after month, as you commit to reaching new levels of success. To be a rockstar realtor, you must have rockstar basics that you do daily. Write down 5 daily disciplines that you MUST do each and every day, put that list in front of you, and make it accessible as your daily reminder. If you do these 5 daily basics that are most important to you and the well-being of your business, you will have a business that is not just a business, but a legendary one.