It wasn’t that long ago that I was working within Corporate America, the publisher of a successful major magazine in town, hustling to continue to move up the ladder within my industry.

The perception was that I had it all together. I was killing it in my career, eating a lot of vegetables and I “looked” healthy, The reality was I working myself to the ground, falling into perfectionistic habits, wasn’t sleeping, and the other pieces of my life were a disaster.

I was playing small, taking care of everyone (except myself), and keeping a lid on my dreams and desires.

As you can imagine, it had profound consequences in my personal and professional life. I had been downplaying the disappointment, the fear, and the unhappiness and convinced myself that things weren’t THAT bad.

My mind was my worst enemy when, if I played it right, it should have been my greatest ally.

So I rationalized…

My relationship with food isn’t that bad…

I’m pregnant; we need to stay together…

I might be unhappy in my career, but it’s a steady paycheck…

I don’t have time to sleep…

I’m always going to be stressed…

I finally got tired of where I was (and all my excuses), and I made up my mind to take control and take action. I learned that health & wellness isn’t just made up of how we move and what we eat, it’s impacted by our relationships, career, home environment, stress, experiences, etc.

Do you want to move past the “stuck” and cut the excuses?

Once you up-level all the areas of your life where you feel stuck, you will undoubtedly reach that next level of success in your career (and life).

YOU are fully capable of changing, reaching new goals, and taking action. This page will be dedicated to helping you make that happen. I’ll discuss everything from sleep and stress to nutrition and fitness (and everything in between).

For now, I want to leave you with the three things you need to get out of the “stuck” and take action. (You know this already, I’m just reminding you to do it.)

Identify the goal. For some, this is the easy part. You know what you want, you just aren’t doing the work. For others, you may be completely disconnected from what you want because life is hectic and it’s another thing to do. What this really means is that you are uncomfortable even allowing yourself to dream up big goals for fear of not accomplishing them.

Set aside some quiet time. Give yourself permission to think beyond today, this month, this year. High performers need to have goals outside of their career, so what do you want?

Create a plan. Of all of the people who create a New Years resolution each year, 80% don’t ever achieve the desired goal. Why? No plan. It’s one thing to admit what you want, to dream about it, but it’s an entirely different thing to set it into motion. This is when resistance + excuses begin. It’s common to get tripped up with overthinking and overanalyzing the plan to death – especially if you are a type A perfectionist!

Instead of falling into the “all or nothing” trap, try this. Start small, with easily manageable tasks. For example, if you have a weight loss goal, rather then sign up for a 30-day challenge that won’t be sustainable after day 30, start by simply adding in healthy vegetables with every meal. Preschedule workouts in your calendar (and show up). Make a conscious effort to sit down when you eat your meals, rather than eating on the go. And, get 7-9 hours of sleep each night (because sleep impacts weight loss).

Creating realistic (sustainable) action items will make the goal less overwhelming, ensure habit change, and allow you to celebrate little wins along the way.

Take action. Waiting for inspiration? Don’t. Waiting doesn’t get you anywhere. The hard truth is that if you want to achieve something, you need to ACT. You’ve got the goal, you’ve got the plan – now it’s time to do something with it. If you consistently find that you are talking yourself out of doing something, whether it’s making excuses or rationalizing inaction, it’s time to create a new habit by setting yourself up for success. Beyond counting to “3” and starting, think of ways to make it easy to act.

Let’s say that one of your action items is to workout five days a week, but each morning you hit the snooze button (multiple times) until you no longer have time to workout. Put the dang phone further away from you, so you literally have to get up out of bed to turn it off. Take it a step further, and have those workout clothes set out right next to your phone. Still not working wear your workout clothes to bed!

Change is scary. I know that one part of your brain loves to talk you out of taking action, right when the emotional part of you is ready to make a change, but…

You don’t have to continue to be stuck.

What’s something you’ve been ignoring or putting off that you want to change?