Most people, and I used to be one of them, are busier than ever – yet not productive. They say that- “a dog that chases his tail will get dizzy.” Many agents end up spending their energy chasing the business, always in a reactive mode rather than getting ahead and prospering. However, Advanced Agents set themselves up to be proactively successful. Instead of being one of the many; what if you could set yourself apart? Wouldn’t it be nice to get ahead of the trends and plan for prosperity? 

It’s all about leverage and timing and having the insight to determine where things will be rather than simply looking at where things are. Those who adjust their business mindset and adapt to the shifts in the market, set themselves up to generate an incredible thriving real estate business. 

If you’ve been in the real estate industry for four years or more, congratulations because you’re part of the minority who have figured out how to survive in this business. But for those of you that say – “just surviving is not good enough!” I want you to stay tuned. Did you know that statics from the National Association of Realtors shows a lot of agents don’t even make it into their second year of doing this business? They simply give up because they didn’t know where to turn for guidance. It can be a very consuming business. It can be very hard because until now it’s always been based solely on sales and lead generation. All agents are equal because sales were the only avenue for income. We all understand that with this method; we are only as good as our last closed transaction. 

Now here is your first shift. You can start to begin thinking about more than just survival from sales. I am going to show how Advanced Agents are constantly gaining beyond just sales. They have the possibility to add monthly income beyond their own efforts and potentially build a future exit strategy. Their productivity rewards them with monthly residual income and building assets for retirement.  

We’ve all been stuck at one point or another. I was at this exact point in my own business. I always thought that to be successful, I needed to be self-employed as an agent and always be closing sales. Isn’t that what they teach us; the “ABC” (always be closing) method. I eventually chose to make my real estate career more like that of an entrepreneur. 

If you are like most real estate professionals, you can’t step away from your own business. Your business really is just a job that employs you. Perhaps you’re only a tenant at your brokerage. What would happen to your existing clients if you couldn’t show up because you suddenly had a life event happen? You’d probably get fired, right? Even more important, how about your personal income? What effect would that have if you had to step away for one reason or another?

Think about this for a moment. This is something that happened to a friend of mine. At the time he was making a very good living at sales and had a nice pipeline of business going. He had all the bells and whistles in life. He had a thriving sales pipeline. He had an 8600 sq ft home with nine bathrooms, fancy cars and all the typical things money could buy. He really was living life to the fullest. He was in his late 20’s when he suddenly got diagnosed with cancer and had to spend over four months in the hospital. Needless to say, his business went dormant; eventually, he lost everything. He realized he had built a business that entirely relied on his presence. It was incredibly demoralizing, and once he was out of the hospital, he had to move into a small room in his parent’s home.

The good news is he has since recovered completely and been cancer free for over 25 years. He has also rebuilt an entire career using the Advanced Agent strategies in his business. He has vowed never to get himself stuck like that again. He started to rebuild one client at a time. This time though he understood that he had to build more than just a sales and marketing business. So, he tapped into the residual side of the business to start being productive instead of just busy. He started building a future in real estate he could be absent from and still have money coming in case another life event were to happen.  

If you’ve ever been excited enough about real estate to go beyond just being busy and wanted to create a real estate business you could eventually walk away from. You need to start to think about the entrepreneurial side of the business and discover how to be productive instead of just busy.

If you care to know more or would like a free copy of my Advanced Agent Book, feel free to reach out to me directly, I’d be happy to send you a copy.