What is promotional Speaking?You attend a networking event, and the organizer learns you are an expert in selling luxury homes.

He then asks if you would be interested in speaking to the networking group and share your expertise in closing deal after deal.   Welcome to promotional speaking.  You love talking in front of a crowd and enjoy sharing your expertise and tools others can use to grow their business or knowledge.  Why not also benefit and grow your business and increase your income?  Your time is valuable, and you are speaking for free.  The 5 Musts for a promotional speaking engagement will benefit the audience, the organization, will attract your ideal client and increase your income.

  1. BIO – Make sure to have a professional bio written for the organization to introduce you before you speak. Include your experience, awards, degrees, certifications, what your profession is and who your ideal client.
  2. Value – When you start writing your presentation, think of the value you want your audience to walk away with.  Do you want them to walk away knowing how to sell their home, purchase a home, or sell luxury homes?  This will depend greatly on knowing who your audience is and why the organization asked you to speak. Do not give away all your secrets.  Make sure you leave your audience wanting more.  Always make sure to include content client stories.
  3. Handout– Have the handout sitting on the tables before the audience arrives. You want to include on one side your information and how to get a hold of you, and if you have an upcoming workshop or event, they should know about and attend. On the other side have the topic of your speaking engagement and what you want them to take with them. For example, for this presentation topic, I would have the 5 Musts listed with room to write notes next to each one.  This is something you point out at the beginning of your presentation, and it gives the handout value, so it is taken with them when they leave.  Which in turn has your contact information on the other side.
  4. Give Away – Ask the organizer to collect business cards or have each person write their name and email address on a piece of paper.  Then give away something of value.  A ticket to your upcoming workshop, a 30-minute session with you asking question or maybe even a discount on your selling or buying fee.  Ask the organizer if you can keep the business cards and make sure to reach out via email to the attendees to stay in contact.
  5. Offer – At the end of the promotional speaking engagement you always have a call to action and/or offer.  What is the reason you are speaking?  Are you asking for referrals?  Do you want anyone that is looking to purchase or sell a home to contact you?  Do you have an upcoming mixer or open house you want them to attend?  Make sure this is clear at the end of your presentation.

If you are interested in accessing the FREE 30-minute presentation that goes into greater details on the 5 Musts for a Promotional Speaking Engagement, it can be accessed at http://empoweringuniversity.com/5-musts-for-a-promotional-speaking-engagement/