Many times, when someone makes the change in their life from employee to entrepreneur, they do not realize they continue to operate as an employee in their own business.

If you are still running your business as an employee, you are setting yourself up to potentially fail and are doing yourself and your business a disservice.

When you implement these four strategies to run your business as an entrepreneur, you will benefit your business and the practices you are implementing.

  1. Investment – Starting and running a business takes financial investment.  When you recognize to grow you must invest in your business financially this is the mindset of an entrepreneur.  IF you are still nickel and diming the investment in the latest technology, mentors, education, etc.  You are still thinking like an employee.  I am sure you have heard the statement “It takes money to make money.”  Make sure to sit down and plan at least 12 months out financially for your company and what investment you should make to have the support, technology, education to succeed.  To run a business is to recognize you are always learning and growing.
  2. Delegate – Are you still trying to do everything yourself in your business?  To be an entrepreneur, you must recognize you are one person and if you spend your time focusing on administrative, graphics, data entry and so on.  You are spending less time on the area’s you are an expert in and making money.  Delegating the tasks that are tedious, that do not make you money, that others can do just as well as you, are a big part of recognizing you are not an employee anymore and will be a great start to thinking as a business person running a business.
  3. Time Management – An entrepreneur is aware of the limited hours in a day to focus on the tasks at hand.  Take a step back at least one day a week and think of the area’s where you should be spending your time in your business that you are the expert in.  Spending your time in areas of expertise will benefit the growth of your business and the profit margin.  Lay out every week before it starts.  What percentage of time do you want to spend in each area that is important to you and your business?  Also, spend time doing the things you enjoy in place of the things you don’t.  This keeps up your morale and benefits your business all around.
  4. Step Ahead  – An entrepreneur is always thinking a step ahead.  An employee is living in the moment in their business.  You want to be in the know with the latest trends, where your industry may be heading, what technology is being used, what growth is in your future to prepare for delegating or adding to your time, and plan at least 12 months at a time.  Planning will benefit your business with fewer surprises and more preparation. 

When you choose to stop thinking and acting as an employee and embrace this is “Your Business, Your Way.”  The growth and potential are unlimited.  Aside from the pride and ownership of knowing you are running your own business, this will also help with having a life while running your business.  By implementing these strategies, you will have the opportunity to run your business in place of your business running you.