Limit your distractions – We live in a world today where every text, email, phone call seems urgent.  More than likely it isn’t, it’s a distraction.  When you are consistently being distracted, you could look back at the end of your day and wonder what you accomplished.  More than likely what you will accomplish is handling the immediate and not getting that one project done you set to complete when you started your day.  Set aside time each day to focus on the task at hand and commit to putting away your phone, not checking your email, or answering the phone for a set period.  

 Schedule out your work week – Depending on the best way you work I would suggest you set aside time either Sunday night or each night before you go to bed.  Why? This is the time your mind is thinking of the thousand things you need to do the next day or for the week.  Make a list of all the projects you want to complete and set aside actual time in your calendar dedicated just for those projects.  I live and breathe through my google calendar. I always say, “If it isn’t on the calendar it does not exist.” I schedule personal time, kid’s activities for school, personal appointments, vacations as well as my business clients.  This limits the ability to allow distractions into my day because it is crystal clear what I need to accomplish.

 Prioritize your to-do lists – If you are anything like me you have a list for everything. I used to have six notebooks in different places and could never remember what was where. Now, I use a task management software which I always suggest to my clients. I use Asana.  This gives me the opportunity to have all my tasks in one place, assign tasks to employees and assistants and know the status.  Plus, it gives me the opportunity to feel accomplished every time I mark something off the list. When you start making your lists, categorize them into personal, business, health, etc., depending on your needs.  I label each of my Tasks per the project I am working on.  Then assign yourself due dates based on your business priorities. This will remind you when things are due in place of getting caught up in the immediate needs for your business.

Delegate –  This one takes a bit of time for solopreneurs (someone who runs their own business without employees).  What, I need to let go of control? How can I possibly do that?  I get this a lot from my clients when I start suggesting hiring an assistant or resourcing out some of their work.  If you want to take your business to the next level, you must recognize your value.  I run through an exercise with my clients where we figure out their per hour value.  Try this and then ask yourself if you can’t afford to hire an assistant at $15 to $30 an hour?  This frees up your time and gives you the opportunity to focus on what your expertise is and grow your business and be profitable

Productivity is one of the keys to having a successfully profitable business.  These immediate action steps are not that difficult to implement into your business, and you could see results quickly.  If implementing all four at once is overwhelming, try one at a time and see the difference in your productivity sky rocket.