We all have things we love in our homes, whether they are heirlooms or new items. Everyone gets comfortable with the way our home looks. An easy trick to “freshen” our home is to rearrange and re-purpose some of our favorite items.

One of my clients had inherited all of her parent’s belongings. She loved most of the things; they were sentimental and gave her fond memories. However, she didn’t want her home to feel as “Old Fashioned” as her parent’s. Pairing antiques with contemporary can create a very sophisticated look. We re-upholstered chairs with beautiful contemporary fabrics and repaired scratched pieces. She had a table with a lamp built into it in her bedroom. I removed the lamp and its huge barrel shade and it made a great entry hall piece. A beautiful new vase covers the hole where the lamp was and no one is the wiser. A few new pieces of upholstery and artwork gave her parent’s old things a “Fresh” new look!

If you’re feeling like you need a change in your home, don’t be afraid to move things around. Think outside the box. Many things can have more than one purpose. Just because the tag in the furniture store says “Dresser,” doesn’t mean you have to put it in a bedroom.

I was hired to stage an Executive rental a couple of years ago. It was being rented fully furnished. There was way too much furniture and some of it not worthy of being in such a nice home. After weeding out the undesirable pieces, I re-purposed some. There was an antique dresser in one of the smaller bedrooms. I put it in the entry hall where it can be appreciated and it makes an impressive statement. Some of the pictures and mirrors from the bedrooms were moved around also. Using “Accent” mirrors over dressers rather than the ones that match the dresser add interest to a bedroom.

Simple things like moving plants, area rugs and accessories can give a feel of “New Life” to your home. Most of us won’t admit it, but many of us are “pack rats”! Look through those boxes in the closets, under the beds and in the garage. Some of the things you’ll find will make you say, “Hmmm, I forgot all about that!” or “I wondered where that was!” Bring those things out of hiding and enjoy them. We all have “Hand-me-downs” from our Parents, Grandparents and maybe even Great Grandparents. Display them with pride. They will most likely give you a good feeling when you look at them.

If you are one of those people who love a lot of silk arrangements, they too can be reworked. That is something I do in my own home from time to time. Taking apart an arrangement is simple enough for most people. Swap the flowers between different arrangements and give them “New Life.” I’m not talking about a lot of work here Small and simple changes make big impacts. Even taking the family photos out from the bottom of your dresser drawers and displaying them can make a huge difference. Who doesn’t smile when they look at their Aunt Ella’s old sourpuss?