S & M – Are you any good?
Not that S&M – I mean Sales and Marketing.

Here’s an important question – which is most important? Is it SALES – helping your clients reach a decision, or, is it MARKETING – getting enough people in front of you to serve?

The answer, of course, is yes! What these two have in common is that BOTH rely on “How well you say what you say.”

CONTROL – Do you have it? How do you get it?
If you’ve been to any of my classes lately, you already know I have been stressing that you have control over three things; Your attitude, the number of people you talk to, and, how well you say what you say.

WHY is that important, and, why do I stress it so much? Thank you for letting me break it down!

Your attitude – this stems from MANY things. Your expectations, your self talk, your autobiography, your thoughts and beliefs, your environment, your Generation. I’m 427 years old (in dog years) and still, this is one I personally struggle with – even though I TEACH it! I can say this with certainty – my Attitude precedes me and everyone can see it, and FEEL it. To perform and achieve at a high level – this is a great place to start! So, if I asked you to give yourself a score from 1 to 10 on this one, what number would you give yourself (and what number would those around you give you)? Last thing on this one – if you want to work on this one – work on your Gratitude. Ten to Twenty minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY that you are breathing! INSERT TED.com SCHWARZBERG LINK.

  1.   best.
  2. Attract it! This is the one that is the most ‘Cost AND Time Effective’. It does require that you are on purpose. Meaning, do you have a Data Base – not just a mailing list! A Data Base is a list of ‘relationships’! People that, when you call them they don’t say “Who is this again?” You KNOW they are yours when SOMEONE ELSE asks them, “Do you have a good REALTOR®?” They say, “I’ve got a great one – let me refer you!”

Do you have a PLAN in place that you are using to make sure that your clients STAY your clients – because someone else is ALWAYS after your clients! Your number one STRATEGY to build a BUSINESS worth owning; K.I.T. – Keep In Touch – email monthly, direct mail monthly, phone call quarterly, Client Gathering TWICE a year! What you email, direct mail and say on the phone call are all TACTICS!

Serving Buyers and Sellers is your JOB. Building your Data Base is your Business. 1/3rd of your work day should be spent on this!

Finally“How well you say what you say.”

If real estate was JUST a numbers game – everyone would be able to do the same amount of business in the same time frame. BUT how good are you when you get in front of someone? How good are your questions? How often do you PRACTICE? Here’s a Truth (not The Truth – just A Truth) – you WON’T get better by accident! You have to work at it! In fact, you will get WORSE over time unless you pay attention to this one. How Much Attention – MINIMUM 3 hours a week! How many agents do you personally know that spend that much time on their Presentation Skills (meaning Questioning and Listening)?

What everybody wants!
You already know – “To Feel Good” – If it’s so simple, why isn’t it easy?

Because the HOW is SO individualistic. BUT there ARE some commonalities we can apply and use if we want to be more effective, both personally and interpersonally.

This is the topic of my next article. Thanks for reading!