Getting More Referrals and Closing More High Ticket Listings 

Being in the Real Estate Business, you’re always looking for better ways to find new clients and referrals. Let’s face it, the days of relying solely on Zillow leads or people in your immediate circle of family and friends are in the past. If you’ve been in the real estate game for almost any duration of time, I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz around using social media to generate leads. Maybe you’ve tried utilizing social media firsthand or even outsourced your social media to a third party. Chances are, you’re still waiting for the phone to ring from all of those “hot leads” you were promised. 

In fact, many of the Realtors I’ve met and worked with were completely overlooking one social media platform they had forgotten was still in their toolkit. That’s right, we’re talking about LinkedIn. Now before you go grumbling about how you’ve been a LinkedIn user for a long time, are confused about how it even works and don’t understand how LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, could possibly lead to more clients and referrals for you, a Realtor in Las Vegas, will you at least hear me out? 


Personally, I don’t know a single person who understands the real estate industry and isn’t an avid advocate of networking. However, at most networking events you attend here in Vegas, you’ll probably find yourself in a room full of other Realtors who are all there for the same reasons you are. Networking on LinkedIn is a different story. The annual household income for an average LinkedIn user is over $100,000. Most of the people spending time on LinkedIn are busy professionals who are looking to develop themselves and accomplish personal and professional goals. In other words, unlike the people you meet at the typical networking mixer who are there with the intention of bombarding you with business cards and on-the-spot sales pitches, most of the people on LinkedIn are similar to you and are people with whom you would actually be interested in networking. 

Being a Realtor, most of your best clients are likely to come from referrals. Using LinkedIn, you have an opportunity to consistently find and develop referral streams. Developing these referral streams begins with optimizing your profile, to attract ideal clients and referral partners. Ninety-nine percent of realtors still have a cookie-cutter approach to their LinkedIn profiles, and blend right in with the thousands of other Realtors they’re competing with on a day-to-day basis in their markets. Completely optimizing your LinkedIn profile is definitely a skill of its own, but the benefits of doing so result in plenty of the right leads and referral opportunities. 

If you’re still on the fence about taking advantage of LinkedIn, please allow me to give you two more key pieces of information. Number one, millennials are, by far, the fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn. If you have any interest in networking with millennials, many of who could become your ideal buyers or sellers in the future, you’ll need to know how to be present and engaged on LinkedIn. Number two, Microsoft recently acquired LinkedIn for 26.2 billion dollars, which means LinkedIn isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Like many other things in life and business, having success on LinkedIn comes down to implementing the right strategies.