Cultivating business relationships, and connecting with prospective homebuyers can be a challenge even for experienced real estate agents. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to thrive in the real estate industry. To maximize your marketing potential, you must implement a good Facebook content marketing strategy.

Facebook is one of the best platforms to promote real estate businesses. Just like Instagram, it is an amazing place for inspiring visuals. Moreover, through Facebook ad manager, you can target audiences in a specific suburb or city. With a good strategy, you will be able to gain more real estate clients.

If you are not yet familiar with Facebook business pages, this article can provide you some basic knowledge. While several real estate agents use their personal profile, it’s always better to create your own business page. Through a Facebook business page, you can promote your services to your followers more effectively. You can use tons of features that are not available in a personal profile.

1. Use attention-grabbing videos and images.

As much as possible, use captivating and professional-looking images and videos in your posts. According to a study by Social Media Examiner last 2018, 32% of digital marketers say that photos are important elements of their online business strategies. Every promotion on your Facebook business page must come with an attention-grabbing photo. Videos can also improve interaction and engagement.

2. Always implement the 80/20 rule.

80% of your Facebook content should be focused on your clients. The other 20% should center on your brand and business. Sticking to this formula will result in more interaction and engagement.

3. Respond to people’s comments.

Make time to respond to the comments posted on your Facebook business page. Bad or good, replying to them is important. This will give the impression that you are prioritizing and giving utmost attention to existing and potential clients.

4. Create helpful tabs that highlight featured listings.

A realtor’s Facebook business page will not be complete without a tab that showcases featured listings. Include all of the basic information that you think existing, and potential clients would like to know.

5. Update your cover photo regularly.

Use your cover photo to highlight the different homes you are selling. Use the cover photo to your advantage by changing your images frequently. Just make sure to follow Facebook’s policies regarding this.

6. Use your personal Facebook profile page from time to time.

No matter what industry you are in, a Facebook Business Page is the best avenue to market your services. However, mixing in related posts every week using your personal Facebook page can also help you. Remind your relatives and new friends that you are in this line of work. This will give them a chance to like your business page, and recommend other friends who want to buy properties.

7. Include your photos with satisfied, happy clients.

Posting images of you and your entire team at office parties and other social events will help put a personal face on your real estate business. Potential home buyers would love to know if they are dealing with the right professionals, so prove to them that you are successful in helping individuals find the perfect home.

8. Monitor Facebook analytics and insights.

Facebook insights and analytics offer valuable information about your followers, like their location, gender, and age. These insights can help you understand the demographics of your target market. From there, you can get useful tips on how to grow your Facebook following.

9. Gather leads.

Have people sign in whenever you are hosting an open house. Shortly after their visit, send them a request to like your Facebook business page. This action will help you gain more followers and continue to connect you with potential clients.

10. Post about local businesses and other events within the local community.

People love to know what is happening around their local community. This is especially true for those moving to a new home in an area in which they are unfamiliar. Make a note of all the things in the community that they would find fresh and interesting.

11. Implement ad campaigns around the right audience.

A well-planned Facebook ad campaign would help you find more real estate leads. You can run many kinds of ad campaigns on Facebook, depending on your goals. For as little as $25 each month, you can get people to like your business page. A low ad spend on Facebook Likes is a good start, and can improve your marketing potential.

12. Create a compelling call-to-action statement.

Do you want to use your Facebook post to lead potential clients to your website? Use a compelling call-to-action (CTA) to encourage them to take action. People should know instantly what you want them to do. As per Hubspot’s research, a personalized CTA can earn 42% more clicks. Call-to-action statements must be short, clear, and should speak directly to your target market’s needs.

Online marketing and social media marketing trends are continuously making a massive impact on the real estate industry. The digital landscape has changed the way businesses interact with their existing and potential clients. It has encouraged businesses to create customized social platforms and interact more with their audiences.

If you are new to the real estate field, social media marketing can be difficult. One of the best things you can do, aside from following the aforementioned Facebook marketing tips, is to use different social media tools that will make your daily routine easier. By optimizing your social media posts and ads correctly, you can significantly improve your real estate business’ online presence.